OBI Experts

Our team of experienced professionals are here to support you through the entire process of opting back in – from training to placement and beyond.

Lisa Mead

Lisa works with Opting Back In clients in seminars and other activities to lay the foundation for improved clarity, energy, productivity, courage, and persuasion. Her positive energy is contagious as she helps women find practical steps toward defining and reaching goals. Lisa has a long career in healthcare starting as a registered nurse and now running Inspiring Transitions, a consulting – leadership development company. She is also the Founder of Arizona Women In Healthcare that provides education, networking, leadership, and mentoring programs.

Diane Stafford

Diane works closely with our Opting Back In clients to understand personal strengths and analyze job requirements that match those strengths. OBI clients can undergo quick, quantitative personal assessments in order to build an understanding of how and why an employment environment is a good fit for them. Diane has extensive leadership experience in human resources, organizational improvement, and hiring solutions plus she brings experience with both the corporate and non-profit arenas that supports OBI clients as they explore employment options.


Amanda Hayden

Amanda works with clients at Opting Back In to identify innate strengths and to recognize work settings and responsibilities that will leverage those strengths. Assessments are done with quantitative tools that quickly and accurately inform our clients about their personal strengths. Whether a client is looking to re-enter the workforce after a career pause or is considering a pivot toward a new career, Amanda’s guidance will ensure a successful job search. Amanda has a long career with international business expertise in technology-driven organizations. Her executive leadership experience has solidified her belief that a workforce is stronger when everyone understands their innate strengths.

Stephanie Benefiel

Stephanie brings extensive experience in human resources to our Opting Back In clients. Her experience as director of human resources for a multi-state medical firm has allowed her to develop targeted training programs for women who are preparing to return to the workforce. Her expertise covers important topics such as resumes, digital job searching, interviewing preparations, and negotiating a job offer. Her understanding of best practices gives our Opting Back In clients a training resource to confidently prepare themselves for the job search.

Vicky Goldwasser

Vicky encourages and educates OBI clients through easy to master approaches to technology basics for the workplace and personal management. Her expertise in web development and social media brings clients up-to-speed to confidently build and manage their social media profiles. She is the co-owner of a digital services company that brings technology solutions to their customers as well as OBI, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Technologies at Arizona State University.

Josh Goldwasser

Technology can be overwhelming but Josh’s expertise and practical approach to teaching business-ready tech skills is a huge asset to our Opting Back In clients. Josh’s experience as an educator, Apple support professional, and independent IT consultant means he knows how to present technology in a practical and non-threatening way. Josh works with small groups of OBI clients to build confidence and proficiency.

Laura Schwartz

Laura left engineering to raise two children while staying involved in volunteer work. She has taken her first step back into the workforce with the support and training from Opting Back In experts. She is putting her newly honed skills to work coordinating and administering the many programs Opting Back In offers. She thoroughly enjoys the camaraderie of OBI clients who are also making a transition.