Making the decision to opt back in to the workforce is hard.   Change for many people is a challenge. If you are like me, then the internal voice of self-doubt can feel like a roar when tackling a brand new experience on unfamiliar ground.   That is why the Opting Back In principle of believing in your skills from your previous experiences is so important.   We know that

the accomplishments you have made in the past are great predictors of accomplishments in the future

To say that all you have to do is believe in yourself would be naïve which is why we have come up with a comprehensive approach to help you learn what areas you should focus on before starting back in the workforce.

To learn those new skills, you have to open up to learning new things. That is a given, but you would not be reading this blog if you were NOT open to new things.   That is why we think women who have had professional success in the past who now are ready to learn new things are such a sure bet for future employers: they have the critical makings for success already. We just help you find and refine those skills.   The important thing is that you do not have to do this alone. Opting Back In creates a whole network of support to be with you while you make this journey.