Sometimes when I look at making a large change in my life, it seems impossible.   When that happens, my mind freezes and I stop thinking creatively about how I start that change. Since it is never going to happen, I tell myself, why should I bother to even start.   That resistance to movement is one of the biggest things we at Opting Back In help others overcome.   We believe in the Chinese Proverb by philosopher Lao Tzu

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

This youtube video is a great example of this proverb in action. Andy Davidhazy set out to walk the Pacific Crest trail which is 2660 miles long. He took a selfie each mile of the way and created a 4-minute movie which starts with a single step, a single mile, a single selfie. By the end, he lost 50 lbs and completed one of the most amazing hikes in North America.   When you choose to start your own journey with Opting Back In, you may not know how to start or where you will go, but that first step is all you need to take. We will be here with you to help you take the next one.