Class Intensives

Sometimes the best way to learn is through information intensive training. We understand, and that's why Opting Back In offers focused training sessions on tech and social media, the human resource experience today and how to navigate it, understanding your strengths and skills and how to connect with them, and how to identify what works in your life and how to achieve it. Class sizes are limited because we place value on personal needs as well as the interactive group dynamic. We want to engage with each member and provide necessary support within each session.

Technology in the Workplace

In today’s fast paced world of technology, take a step away from your desk for two days and you will miss about 10 changes just implemented on major social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (ok, maybe we’re exaggerating a little... but not really.)

Maybe you don’t need to know all the latest on changes on major social media platforms, but if you’ve missed out on more than just two days in the last decade, how can you catch up on computer basics? We’ve got you covered with our upcoming technology course to help you take your skills to the next level.

This technology course can be completed in just 10 hours and will be taking place later in 2017. It will help teach you the basics of many common software tools and help you put these new skills to use in a practical way. Each session is 2.5 hours long and over the course of four sessions will teach the following:

  • Web conferencing
  • Online calendaring
  • Finding a time to meet using Doodle
  • Computer hygiene
  • Creating a Word document and how to share
  • Creating a PowerPoint presentation and how to share
  • Tracking and accepting changes in Word and PowerPoint

These topics will be covered over the course of four sessions and will culminate in a final Capstone project where you and your classmates can demonstrate and share your newfound skills with one another.

Once you’ve completed the course, Opting Back In will be able to help certify your ability to successfully complete these tasks. Not only will you be feeling more confident going forward, but you will be better equipped with the basics to help yourself get ahead in today’s world of technology.

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