During his talk on Employment Trends in Healthcare Dr. Jim Whitfill outlined the healthcare environment today, providing insights to the historic evolution of healthcare in the U.S. and shedding light on the macro-economic challenges providers, patients, payers and the government face.

Opportunities in healthcare employment will come from the growth trends in care models such as ambulatory care and the administration of healthcare services. Detailed trends and risks to the employment market were discussed by looking at data from the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics and The Commonwealth Fund along with academic analysis from Georgetown University and other sources.

In spite of the many unanswered questions with regard to funding and sustaining quality care in our country, Dr. Whitfill noted the many ongoing employment opportunities within the healthcare marketplace as new approaches to care take hold, business managers partner more closely with care givers, and science moves possibilities forward.  It was an excellent evening!

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This talk was presented at the Opting Back In Getting Informed Series on Wednesday, April 26. Dr. Jim Whitfill is the Chief Medical Officer with Innovation Care Partners; President, Lumetis, LLC; and partner in Opting Back In.