Helping women in their journey back to work

One day, Jim, we’ll be saying ‘remember when?’…But with this edition, it’s ‘here we go!’

We think of ourselves as OBI and invite you to think of us that way, too.

OBI was the outgrowth of personal journeys. I opted out of the workforce for nearly 20 years and Jim opted out for 3, and while there were differences in our paths, the overall experience had similarities. Thus, helping others return to work given their individualized needs became our focus. Our goal with OBI is to provide women with the tools to re-engage in work – whether paid or unpaid, part-time, flex-time or full-time – and to be their partner in the journey.

So much has changed. When I returned to work in early 2016 my first job was as a marketing consultant to a local start-up. Delighted with my responsibilities, I attended a client presentation with copies of a well-prepared pdf that I planned to share. You can imagine how humbling it was when I walked into the meeting where everyone had a laptop connected to the room screen and I arrived with my printed materials! With no one to turn to, I faced the sudden and daunting task of learning about business tech skills, social media communications, and much much more on my own. We don’t want that to happen to you and OBI is set up so that it won’t.

Our mission is to give women who have opted out the tools they need to return. We will share insights, provide training, suggest resources, and offer what you need to move forward. Phoenix, there is no other company like us. Women, if you want help in any direction we’re here. Above all, we want to connect and build an OBI community of professionals who support the effort of women who want to return to work. Please stay in touch, and we will, as well…


OBI Founders Bev B. & Jim W.

An OBI Intern’s Journey

My career pause lasted seventeen years. That was never my intention. When I left my profession I owned a flip phone and had a dial-up modem; so starting back to work with Opting Back In became a crash course in technology. Luckily, I have been ‘virtually’ surrounded by the OBI team of experts from whom I have received excellent training and steady support. Getting up to speed quickly has meant making mistakes both behind the scenes and in public. A small example, amongst many, includes a painstakingly drafted 140 character message that once posted had a typo! And, I couldn’t edit it after posting! Yet, being back in the work groove and navigating the experience as part of a team I have realized I have strengths and I need to use them. I am forgiving my mis-steps, because they happen with all of us. And, above all, I’m gaining confidence to try more and do more as OBI evolves. This is what we aspire to with you.


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