opting back in history

A Message From Beverly Bradway, A Founder of Opting Back In

That transition was looming — the time when the children would be off to college, my house would be empty, and I’d need a new focus. When I raised the conversation with friends, usually during a lunch get-together, I realized I wasn’t alone and the ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do it’ questions were on their minds too.

It turns out that we all share many of the same questions, challenges, and emotions as we make our way through the years. It was also interesting to me that my generation of women — women who had pursued undergraduate and often graduate degrees, started and enjoyed successful careers, and who then chose to opt out to raise a family — were suddenly faced with roadblocks in their return-to-work pursuits.

Initially, my solution was to create an online forum to share stories and ideas. So, I grabbed the domain name “Lunchtime Uncensored,” collected notes and began to shape my blog. I soon found out the more I dug in and the more I listened to women and their experiences, that simply writing about it wasn’t enough. Finding a like-minded business partner in Jim Whitfill, we agreed to team up and do more. That is when Opting Back In was created.

Opting Back In, LLC, was formed in 2016 to help women in their return-to-work efforts, whether pursuing part-time, flex-time, or full-time roles. OBI training and the skills learned, can even be applied to non-profit activities. Re-engaging in business at any level requires self-knowledge, basic technology skills, familiarity with current hiring practices and tools to help frame your goals and achieve them.

Engaging with Opting Back In gives you a community of women who are navigating similar journeys. You get information from professionals who are doing the work they present, sharing that real-world knowledge of the marketplace along with current needs and expectations. And, you gain the support of a team at Opting Back In that wants to help you achieve your goals.  

Opting Back In has lined up in-depth sessions throughout spring and early summer if you want to dig in. If exploring your skills, how you learn, and where you should concentrate your efforts is what you want to dig into, we have a course for that…and more!

Watch out Phoenix! There’s a talented, diverse, educated, experienced pool of women preparing to opt back in and we’re helping them get there!