About Opting Back In

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Our Mission

The Mission of Opting Back In is to support motivated and educated women in their efforts to re-engage in a professional life or volunteer activities after a career pause.

How We Work

The journey of re-engaging in a job, a career, or a non-profit pursuit is a personal one. What you need depends on what you want. And sometimes where you start isn't where you end up.

Opting Back In has designed its approach to accommodate individual needs. We offer information sessions on general business concepts, local market trends, basics for job hunting, tech and more. We offer in-depth programs on the various aspects of the return-to-work experience. We also offer one-on-one options with practicing, seasoned professionals who can help with resume-writing, job-seeking, social media, self-assessment, and personal time-management and motivation. There is a process for translating a desire to return to work into action, and this is the Opting Back In difference.

FREE Getting Informed Series

We provide regular, free talks on issues that matter: industry trends, how to leverage the latest technologies, self-evaluation and more. Learn more here.