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    A behavioral assessment is an objective tool that builds positive self-awareness. Not only does the knowledge gained from an assessment help guide you during a job search and it can also inform your decision-making as to job “fit.”

    If you attended the webinar on “The Value of Self-Assessment in the Return-to-Work Process” and/or you’re ready to learn more about your interests and strengths, we encourage you to sign up for our behavioral assessment and then benefit from the professional one-on-one analysis of those results delivered by an expert in individual and group assessments.

    Signing up is easy! Once you register online you’re sent a link to take a short online assessment. Within a week of submitting your answers, a member of the Opting Back In team will schedule an assessment review (phone session) with our expert, Amanda Hayden. A great way to obtain fast, high-level information is to sign up for the 15-minute review. In your phone session you’ll receive the basics on your interests and strengths.   But, for those wanting more insight – great when you’re actively job-seeking – the 50-minute session will make a difference. During that time you’ll be given expanded detail, have time for dialogue, and receive coaching on career directions that might be suitable for you. At OBI we believe in the power of assessments as a tool to helping move forward with confidence.

    • Assessment plus 15-min phone consultation $75
    • Assessment plus 50-min coaching session $199
    • Check out our July Newsletter for more information in the article “Taking Step One and a Half”
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    Additional Information

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    Assessment and 15-min phone consultation, Assessment and 50-min coaching session

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