top fields for flexible employment opting back inWhile you wouldn’t initially think that the top fields for flexible employment would be what they are, more and more companies are opening up opportunities for employees to work remotely in today’s workforce. Allowing employees to work remotely helps to keep expenses down and also helps to keep employees happy. Less employee turnover and fewer workplace costs are both good for the bottom line. Also, opening up remote work opportunities allows employers to expand their geographical search for the top candidates.

There are thousands upon thousands of flexible employment opportunities out there, just waiting for the right person, or someone like you, to come along and grab up! These types of opportunities make transitioning back into the workforce a little easier after you are used to the freedom that comes along with being home full-time.

If you are among those searching for remote work, here are the top fields for flexible employment, according to

  1. Computer and IT
  2. Medical and Health
  3. Sales
  4. Administrative
  5. Customer Service
  6. Education and Training
  7. Marketing

The good thing about these top fields for flexible employment is that many skills that you may already have could be transferrable to one of these fields. For example, many doctors, nurses, specialists and healthcare providers who are used to working face-to-face with patients, may be able to find remote work as an adjunct faculty member for a university online or medical contributor to a website.

The same is true for those that have been teachers previously. Look for opportunities to transfer that skill to the online world in these top fields for flexible employment. Do you constantly hear that you have good people skills? That could translate to being able to offer great customer service in a remote position. If you are a writer, those skills can translate to marketing, or writing promotional materials or training manuals in a remote position.

For additional information on where to look for jobs in these fields, read our blog on finding flexible employment or check out one of our upcoming Opting Back In workshops.