Now that we have been working on building Opting Back In for over a year, I think the most important piece of advice we can give to all of our students and associates is

“trust the journey”

That is so easy to say while you are writing a blog and so hard to do when you are taking that first step towards a new change in your life. That change can seem so scary, so filled with uncertainty. When we pressure ourselves to be perfect at the very beginning of the journey we risk stopping a process that will eventually bring success. To break through that barrier, you really have to trust in yourself, maybe with a little support from your friends and loved ones. Just by taking action you will find yourself closer to making a better life for yourself.

The greatest challenge in opting back in is giving yourself permission to be human and therefore imperfect. The journey is going to take you places you cannot predict right now, and that is a good thing. If you try to fight it along the way, you will just exhaust yourself. But if you ride these currents towards your new future you will find yourself feeling exhilarating emotions you have not noticed in a very long time.